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Custom Designs

Custom Tallit In addition to Ketubot, The Studios of Lee Loebman designs a wide variety of custom artwork.

The example at left is an applique tallit designed for Stacey and Zak Hunt. Designed by Lee Loebman, and sewn by Shoshana Friedman, the tallit compliments their Ketubah (seen in the background). The Atarah was constructed in a triangle, containing three stalks of barley with mountains and sky in the background. These symbols represent the story of Ruth. Above the barley are two hands held together, the sign language symbol for marriage. In the stripes are a series of pomegranates representing the Temple and the Davidic line. A detail of the Atarah can be seen below.

Tallit Close-up
The following are examples of custom papercuts. Click on any image to see a larger version of that piece.

These pieces have been broken into two sections. The first section incorporates baby gifts and Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts. The images are based on the childs name and the Torah portion in the case of Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

The second section contains various other works.

Shlomo Adam Miriam Leah Yael Reina
Yisrael Tzvi Micha Eliza Hanah
Family Papercut Star Papercut
Federation Invitation  

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