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Custom Ketubah
Hunt Ketubah

Zak & Stacey Hunt
September 8, 1996

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The triangle was an important symbol for Zak and Stacey. It represents their two, individual lives coming together as one. The images to the left of the text, the pomegranate, 3 barley stalks and Temple, depict Zaks life, while the images to the right, the roots, the hill, Jerusalem and the spiral, depict Staceys life. Above the text are the two hands representing marriage, and the Chuppah, wine cup, candles and sun, showing their life together. The base of the triangle consists of a mosaic pattern taken from a floor at Masada, symbolizing the strength and stability of the Jewish tradition. The circle behind the triangle tells the story of their shared past in micro-calligraphy.

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