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The Tree of Life Ketubah
Tree of Life Lithograph
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The signed lithograph "Tree of Life Ketubah" is a limited edition of 400 pieces. It measures 19" x 24". Both versions sell for $200.00 plus S&H. Fill-ins are an additional $50.00.

Below is a complete description of the piece:

The limited edition lithograph 'TREE OF LIFE' Ketubah is available in two versions: The traditional, Aramaic text in Hebrew only, or a modern, egalitarian text in Hebrew and English written by Rabbis Buchdahl, Kushner and Mehlman.

This ornately detailed Ketubah consists of a joyful family dancing around a colorful Tree of Life. On either side of the tree are intricately patterned, micrographic grapevines. Micrography is an art form unique to Judaic art. It is comprised of very small writing strung out in patterns and designs. Here, the grapevines, in green, are made of quotes from 'Song of Songs'. The actual grapes, in purple, are the seven wedding blessings. A scene of Jerusalem, below the Ketubah's text, completes the design.


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