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Looking for a Ketubah, Limited Edition Print, Custom Art or Donor Wall?

Welcome to the Studios of Lee Loebman. Here, you will learn about the wide variety of works produced in Loebman's studios, including Ketubot, Limited Edition Lithographs, Donor Walls, Custom Art and more! Browse through our Custom Ketubah, Anniversary Ketubah, and 3-D Ketubah sections to see examples of the wide variety of ketubot that Lee has created. Whether you desire an Egalitarian text, Conservative text with the Lieberman clause or Traditional text, your Ketubah will be designed specifically for you. Check out the Prints and Lithograph section to see the Joseph's Coat lithograph, the Creation lithograph and other designs available on a wide variety of products. Anniversary Ketubot make a wonderful gift. A custom design containing symbols and memories from the couple’s years together surround their original Ketubah text. Also, come back soon to see our new donor wall section. So, call us at 847-721-6639 to discuss your Ketubah needs.

What is a Ketubah?

Custom Ketubah

Custom Ketubah II
The ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract that states the husband's obligations to his new wife. Before the wedding, the officiating rabbi supervises the signing of the contract by at least two witnesses. Close friends and relatives are invited to witness the signing of the ketubah, which is considered an honor. Afterward, during the wedding ceremony, it is read out loud under the chuppah.

The ketubah is one of the most popular forms of Jewish art, or judaica, found in the home. Many people follow the Jewish tradition of Hiddur Mitzvah which calls for ceremonial objects such as the ketubah to be made as beautiful as possible. Ketubot are often hung prominently in the newly weds home as a daily reminder of their vows and responsibilities to each other.

Examples of beautiful, hand made ketubot can be seen dating back hundreds of years. Designs and artistic styles are heavily influenced by the geographical location and time the contract was written. Many examples of paper cut ketubot can be found from different Jewish communities all over the world.

The Studios of Lee Loebman has been creating custom ketubot and prints for over 20 years. An original ketubah created by Lee is paper cut and measures 22” x 30”. The calligraphy is hand written and available in a variety of different texts. Prints and glicees are also available in a variety of designs.

The Gematria for the word Ketubah is 433. The word Mishpachah, Hebrew for family, is also equal to 433.

Donor Walls, Recognition Walls and Installations

Synagogue and museum installation commissions are also accepted at the Studios of Lee Loebman. Whether it is a Donor Wall, Tree of Life, Yartzeit Wall or Installation, Lee will work closely with your organization to conceptualize and design a piece that captures the essence of your community. Installations can be created in a variety of materials including wood, metal, stained glass or paper.

Temple Chai donor Board

Prints and Lithographs

Joseph's Coat Lithograph
The Studios of Lee Loebman offers a number of designs available on a variety of products. Ketubah prints are available directly through and through and come in multiple sizes and text options.

Original art pieces, like Joseph’s Coat, are offered as framed wall art, or on a variety of products including t-shirts, coffee mugs, decorative tiles, greeting cards and pillows. If there is a design that you like but would like it on a product not offered for that specific design (perhaps the correct t-shirt size is not offered), please contact the Studios directly, and we will make that item available for you if possible.

Is your Ketubot folded away in a corner drawer?

Have you always wanted a beautiful ketubah to hang in your living room? Or, are you looking for a special gift for your parent’s anniversary? Have you thought of commissioning an Anniversary Ketubah? Lee will take your original marriage contract and incorporate it into a new, beautiful piece that you will be proud to hang in your home. Don’t worry if your original document is discolored, has creases or stains. They just add to the character and authenticity of the piece!

Anniversary Ketubah

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